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Furie Operating Alaska, LLC (“Furie”) focuses on the exploration and production of natural gas and oil in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska.

Furie is presently drilling development wells with a jackup rig in the Cook Inlet. A platform, pipeline, and onshore production facility had been installed in the summer of 2015 with production started in the fall of 2015.



Thomas Hord is the Chief Operating Officer of Furie and responsible for the supervision and management of exploration and production activities. Having begun his career as floorhand with Jusitis Oil in 1970, Thomas Hord went on to become drilling superintendent with Pool Offshore until 1982. Thereafter, he joined Hercules Offshore as chief operating officer until 2006 and was acting as consultant for various offshore companies prior to joining Furie.



David Elder is the Chief Financial Officer of Furie Operating Alaska, LLC. David Elder received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Eastern Michigan University and a Juris Doctorate of Law from the University of Detroit. He began his career in 1981 holding positions in accounting, financial planning and treasury in the natural gas, pipeline and distribution industry. Since 1987, he has held various senior management positions including Director of Corporate Finance, Vice President of Corporate Finance, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer in the financial services, real estate, construction and oil and gas exploration industries. He joined Furie Operating Alaska as Chief Financial Officer in November 2011.



Bruce Webb, a lifelong resident of Alaska, is Vice President of Furie in Alaska and acts as the liaison to the Alaska Legislature and the U.S. Congressional Delegation.  His primary responsibility is over all land and regulatory affairs and natural gas marketing.  Mr. Webb began his oil and gas career in 1978 working as an engineering assistant for Halliburton-Alaska Constructors ANS/BP in Prudhoe Bay and then on drilling crews for Brinkerhoff-Signal and Nabors Alaska Drilling across the North Slope and on the Kenai Peninsula.  Mr. Webb first joined the State of Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs in 1985. Mr. Webb joined the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas in 1992 as a Natural Resource Officer in the Permitting and Regulatory Compliance Section until he retired from State service in 2005.  Thereafter, Mr. Webb worked again in the private sector in managing and consulting capacities regarding oil and gas permitting, land transactions and environmental compliance.  He was the Manager of Land and Regulatory Affairs for Aurora Gas, LLC until joining Furie in 2011.

About us


Furie Operating Alaska, LLC (“Furie”) is the operator of the Kitchen Lights Unit (approximately 83,000 acres), which includes a number of oil and gas leases owned by the majority working interest (WI) owner Cornucopia Oil & Gas Company, LLC (“Cornucopia”), located in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska.

Cornucopia was initially formed as Escopeta Oil of Alaska, LLC in July 2006. In October 2010, Cornucopia acquired a majority working interest in the Kitchen Lights Unit and additional lease acreage in the Cook Inlet. Furie is a wholly owned company of Cornucopia. Deutsche Oel & Gas AG, Germany, is now the holding company of Cornucopia.



Furie Operating Alaska, LLC

188 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 620
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Tel: 907-277-3726